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How our packs are made...

Image by Bruno Araujo

All the packs in our store have been created with the contribution of dozens of producers, composers and musicians from all around the world. This way, we make sure that every pack and sound library contains a wide variety of styles from which you can draw inspiration.

The process of creating a premium pack is as follows:

  1. We launch a call on our website to choose the best talents. Hundreds of producers and composers apply with their best work.

  2. The chosen musicians send us thousands of loops, one shots and MIDIs they created following our standards.

  3. The Lofi Tape team carefully curate the samples that will be part of the pack. Only 15% of all files pass this stage.

  4. Finally, all the selected sounds are processed through analog gear in our studios based in Manchester and Berlin.


The profits obtained by selling a premium pack are distributed among the musicians, producers and engineers in proportion to the contribution of each one to the project.

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